.DISASTER UNIT Disaster areas emergency.
Disaster Unit Ricerca Qarchlab

.CHALLENGE DESIGN Community design for challenged people

.URBAN PROTOCABLE Cable kits prototypes

.DISTANCE EDUCATION Rural Elderly Infirmity. To develop categories of research areas in distance education, to identify neglected research areas. Research topics could be student support, instructional design, educational technologies, and media interactivity system including philosophy and theory of distance education, distance students conditions and motivations, topic presentation, interaction students, tutors, counselors, administrators, comparative systems typologies evaluation, equity, ethics, innovation changes, quality learner support, and data base.

.EUROFOLK MEMORIAL Recording through media devices of ideas and concepts of European elderly.

.INCUBATOR Rural and urban areas. Travelling managed workshop to aid deprived urban and rural areas with up to date access to information technology and neighbored laboratories in conjunction with the disaster unit and emergency.

.RAIN WATER CISTERNS Rural and urban areas. To survey existing wells and cisterns in the Mediterranean area in order to have a data bank of rain water collection, verify drinkability, develop systems of purification. Measurement survey by yoyo low energy Bluetooth device.
Ricerca Rain Water Cisterns

.ECOLOGICAL WATERLESS CLOSET Urban and rural waterless toilet to remove germs from human waste, recover energy, compost.
Ricerca Ecological Water Closet

.WINDGRASS RENEWABLE ENERGY Abandoned areas installed with renewable energy generated by undulating wind poles.